Let's talk about some important, little known
secrets to assuring that your senior portraits are as fantastic as you want them to be.

  If you are a senior or the parent of a senior this information is going to be priceless to you.

     This message contains powerful tips and pointers for you, so if you want your senior portrait to be truly outstanding and emotionally meaningful to you, read carefully.

     Now, you may be thinking, “Wow, this is a long message.” I certainly understand. But, trust me, what you discover in the few minutes will make the difference between portraits that are just “average” and a collection of senior portraits that are truly outstanding. So try to stick with me here.

     If, however, you wish to skip to the end of this message, and leave your name and address, we will be happy to send you absolutely free, and with no obligation, the High School Senior Portrait Guide, entitled “How To Avoid The Eleven (11) Huge Mistakes That Ruin Most Senior Portraits.” So if you don’t have a few minutes to read this message, simply skip to the end. 

     Now, let’s briefly talk about 7 important “secrets” to really great, expressive, senior portraits that you can be proud to hand out to everyone.

Secret #1

The clothing and emotional elements.

     This is really important. The wrong clothing can ruin a portrait. Did you know that the wrong clothing can add 12 pounds to the way you look in a portrait? 12 pounds! And, the correct clothing can remove 12 pounds! That’s a total difference of 24 pounds the clothing can make in how someone looks in their portrait. So think very, very carefully about the clothing.

     It is important to include things in your portraits that mean something to you. Maybe it’s your pet, or something that signifies your interests. Many seniors bring in instruments, sports items, hobby things, art, writings, and sometimes weird stuff. 

Be sure that you don’t forget the favorite jacket or hat.

     The right clothing and meaningful props have a great deal to do with the overall feeling, design and compositional depth the portrait will have. This is one of the reasons we at Scott Photography like to do a portrait design consultation with our seniors and a parent BEFORE doing any photography, so we can help you with all these important decisions involved in the planning of your senior session.

Secret #2

Having fun, feeling comfortable and relaxed.

     All of this preparation will be a complete waste if you look stiff and nervous in the photograph. You see, most people do not feel comfortable in front of a camera! (Big surprise; right?) For a senior portrait to be truly fantastic – by that I mean that you are proud to hand it out to everyone – you must look “natural”. And so it becomes extremely important that you are relaxed and having fun during the photography, or you won’t like your expressions or body language, and therefore won’t like the portrait!

     That’s why we go to so much effort to meet our seniors and a parent before the photography. This way, you, or your son or daughter or maybe it’s your grand child, will feel completely comfortable with us on the photography day.

Secret #3

Taking the time to do it right.

     Most photographers just don’t spend enough time with their high school senior clients to be able to create something that is truly great. 

     Most photographers try to run their studio like a “factory” – that just “cranks” seniors through one after the other; after the other, giving very little time to each one. 

     I call this “cookie cutter” photography, and it’s not conducive to creating something that really helps you or your son or daughter to achieve truly great portraits. 

     So find out how much time the photographer will be spending with you. Make sure you meet the photographer before the day of the photography. Be sure you like him, and trust him. These things really are important.

Secret #4

The Style and design considerations.

     This is critical for your portraits to be truly high quality senior portraits that are so fantastic, you are truly thrilled with how you look. 

     Here we are talking about artistic and creative considerations. Things like perfect, dimensional lighting. And the composition of the portrait – how you are positioned in the portrait so you look comfortable, this makes the composition pleasing to the eye. 

     These considerations make up what I call “Artistic Elements” of the photograph, and are really important. How do you make sure your portrait will have these “Artistic Elements?” Select your photographer really carefully. Make certain he or she has the artistic talent to create truly artistically pleasing images.

Secret #5

A Better Than Risk Free Guarantee.

     This is the true indication of just how committed a portrait photographer is to taking good care of you. What’s the guarantee? You want to be sure to select a photographer who absolutely, positively guarantees that you will be THRILLED with your portraits (not just “Satisfied”), or you get all your money back.

Secret #6

The Human Sensitivity of the photographer.

     Does the photographer like people? Does he truly want to put forth the effort to create fantastic portraits of you or your son or daughter? Does he listen to your wishes and concerns, and take great effort to create exactly what YOU want, not what he wants? These “human sensitivity” elements are so important to the ultimate success of a senior portrait that you really like.

Secret #7

Pick a photographer who is as excited as you are about your senior portraits.

     You see, in my humble opinion, enthusiasm is the true indication of a person’s commitment to creating a senior portrait for you that is truly great. Enthusiasm is the life of creativity. It’s the backbone of good customer service. Because enthusiasm tells you whether or not the photographer truly loves, passionately, what he is doing. And you don’t ever want to work with someone who doesn’t love what they’re doing.

     Now, if you have liked anything you have read here, or just want some more information, you have a couple of choices here.

     First, you can call the studio and speak with us personally. There is absolutely no charge or obligation of any kind for this call. Our studio number is: 406-761-2059 and we will be happy and excited to speak with you, and answer any questions you may have.

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     So, I sincerely hope this information has been helpful to you. We are here to help you in any way we can, and we are devoted to creating senior portraits that you are truly thrilled with.

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